What's In Season Now

You’ve probably seen those little green pumpkin-shaped squash nestled in with the other squash varietals bountifully on display this time of year. This “little green pumpkin” is called kabocha squash, it’s a Japanese winter squash and is also referred to as Japanese pumpkin. They are sweeter than pumpkin and can be steamed, roasted, and pureed into soup. In Asian cuisine, it is friedinto tempura and used in desserts. Their small size make them the perfect single-serve snack or meal accompaniment. They’re nutrient dense and loaded with betacarotene and iron. What’s more, you get two for one goodness out of them–the seeds are perfect for roasting on the baking sheet simultaneously and make the perfect snack. A light sprinkling of salt or maple syrup and spices give them a savory or sweet kick. Kabocha squash are grown locally at Worden Farms and may be found at the Saturday Sarasota Farmers Market near the downtown studio.