Improve Your Practice with a Posture Clinic

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Attend a Bikram Yoga Sarasota posture clinic to fine-tune your practice and expand your knowledge and understanding of Bikram yoga. These posture clinics are two and a half hours long allowing for time to answer individual questions. They are held in a regular class-like setting with other students, but you’ll get tips, one-on-one attention, corrections, and guidance. 

There was a posture clinic held a few weeks ago at the studio and afterwards in class, students applied the principles and practices they learned and have achieved transformational results. There is another opportunity to attend a posture clinic this Sunday, December 3, 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm. This class will focus on proper posters of the floor series, where the “true yoga begins.” 

Learn proper alignment and have time to practice that alignment in each floor series pose. This is the one time where you can talk during class and get the answers to your questions. This is an excellent way to improve your practice because you’ll learn and feel the proper way to do the postures and you can apply those principles in your own practice to get deeper into the poses. All levels are welcomed. 

Learn everything from the fundamentals to the final expression of each posture. Work through any obstacles and challenges you may be experiencing. Because it is in a class-like setting you’ll be able to listen and learn from fellow students who may ask questions you didn’t think to ask. 

Bring your mat, towel, and water to the clinic and wear your regular yoga attire.You can choose to attend class before the clinic if you wish to get your regular practice in, just be sure to hydrate, shower, change into a fresh set of yoga clothes, and have something very light to eat. Or you can choose to attend the 3:00 pm class afterward to practice what you just learned. We’re looking forward to seeing your transformations on the mat!