Why You Should Practice Without Gadgets

Sarasota Hot Yoga

When practicing Bikram Yoga, you are in your most natural, real, vulnerable state. Even if your hair was fixed, or for the ladies your makeup applied perfectly, the sweat from the heat and humidity is sure to mess it up and melt it away quickly. 

This is one of the purest forms of yoga. There are mirrors surrounding you and for a good portion of the class, you are instructed to look directly at yourself in them. Clothing is simple because the heat and humidity of the room dictate that it pretty much has to be. Other than your mat, towel, and water, there is no need to bring anything else into the yoga studio. This includes watches and watches that are synced to a mobile device, smart phones, fitness tracking devices, etc. 

Bikram yoga is beneficial equally for the mind as it is the body integrating the two together. This is why it’s called a 90-minute moving meditation–movement in the body, calmness of the mind. Give yourself these 90 minutes to dedicate this practice solely to you without outside distractions of text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. 

If you are on a specially-regimented fitness routine where tracking your heart rate and other fitness-related goals is necessary, use the device in just a few classes, get an average of your rates, then leave it at home. Using such devices breaks the union between the mind and the body. It takes away from listening to your own body. Each class may feel different on any given day and it’s important to stay in-tuned with the messages you are receiving. 

These gadgets take yoga out of its natural state. This is the state of yoga which has proven to be beneficial for thousands of years. Reap the maximum benefits of this incredible practice in your most natural, real, and gadget-free state.