Warm Mineral Springs

Bikram Yoga Sarasota

With the red tide affecting our beautiful Gulf beaches, it gives us a good reason to explore our extraordinary area and look for other outdoor activities. Approximately 40 minutes from the downtown studio is the Warm Mineral Springs Park in North Port. 

This is the only warm mineral spring in Florida and visitors have been frequenting these so called healing waters for decades.There is a plaque upon entry titled, The Original Fountain of Youth, which states the Springs is the Fountain of Youth sought by Ponce De Leon. 

An underground spring produces nine million gallons of water daily. The water is 87 degrees year round, which feels comfortably warm yet still refreshing in the hot summer months. 

Soaking in the Springs is a form of balneotherapy, which is treating disease through immersing oneself in mineral waters. Health claims include increased circulation and blood flow, increased metabolism, absorption of essential minerals through the skin, and help with other digestive issues and diseases.

These springs are rich in over 50 minerals including sodium, potassium, silica, sulfate, selenium, and radium. Minerals are alkaline which can help the body recover and regenerate itself. They also contain positive ions which can help with chronic pain and some types of disease. 

Not all of the health claims are not proven to be true, although soaking in warm mineral springs induces relaxation which in turn calms the breath and quiets the mind much like the Bikram Yoga practice. 

The park is surrounded by breathtaking grounds with grassy areas and shady trees to relax under. It is open year round (except on Christmas day) and the cost for Sarasota residents is $15. If interested, more information can be found on their website.

Even though the situation with the beaches can be disheartening, it is fun to explore and discover the abundant natural beauty around the area. Places in nature like the Springs can compliment a yoga practice by providing relaxation and a sense of overall well being.