Personalized One-on-One and Group Classes

We understand that everyone is individually unique and may prefer different environments in which to learn and grow our practice. We proudly offer private, one-on-one and small group lessons so you can learn and grow at your own pace, or have a one-of-a-kind team building or friends outing experience in the instruction and guidance of a certified Bikram Yoga instructor where the focus is solely on you and /or your group.

For New Yogis

When you enter the studio, you enter into a safe, no judgement zone and to enhance your comfort level, you can choose to begin learning your practice in an environment that is just right for you. In this setting, you can hone your skills, ask questions, move at your own pace, and grow into your own practice. This is a fantastic supplement to group classes or exclusively, as a way to hone your postures prior to joining a group class. 

Each session is based on your personal needs, taking any injuries or limitations into account while moving through the sequence. You can stop to ask questions and get instruction on modified postures to suit your individuals needs. 

From here, you can continue with as many or as little additional private lessons as you like before delving into to a group setting. 

For Experienced Yogis

This is the perfect opportunity for experienced yogis to take their practice to the next level. During these one-on-one sessions you can get direction on postures you want to perfect and learn how to go further into them with proper guided instruction. 

If you have been practicing for just a few months or for few years and know the sequence well but feel as though you may have reached your maximum progression, then these lessons are for you. Just one small modification can make a world of difference in your practice and you can see and feel the positive changes. 

For Yogis with Injuries

Something as minor as a scraped knee or more serious injuries and physical limitations can set us back. You don’t have to go without practicing during this time. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to assist the recovery and healing time, and if you do have physical limitations you will learn modified poses to help you maintain your wellbeing. Whether it is hip, wrist, knee, ankle, shoulder, arthritis, or any other ailment or pain you may be experiencing, you’ll learn how to work around these conditions, move past them, and see noticeable improvements.  

To experience the incredible benefits that private lessons can have to enhance your practice and wellbeing, call the studio at 941.447.0090, email, or speak to an instructor before or after to class to schedule your appointment.