Mat and towel service

Be sure to add yourself to your holiday shopping list this year. Because you make the conscious decision to practice Bikram Yoga, you already know that taking care of your body is top priority and as one of our yoga instructors Curt, says, “take care of your body, so your body can take care of you.”  Why not give yourself a little gift and indulge in the convenience and practicality of mat and towel service at Bikram Yoga Sarasota? For a mere $30 per month, this service provides you with a high-quality yoga mat rental to practice on and two fresh towels. That’s approximately a dollar a day, way less than that specialty coffee habit–did someone say pumpkin spiced latte?

Come in, pick up your mat and fresh towels, practice, and let us take care of cleaning your mat and towel–no more lugging home sweat-soaked mats and towels and running the washing machine daily. This service is good for you and the environment– it allows you to focus on your practice, adds an extra layer of stress relief, and cuts down on individual water and energy usage. An added bonus, this service is complimentary when you purchase the yearly membership package, yet another smart move for your wallet and a commitment to your health.