Practicing During the Summer


Why It’s Essential to Continue Your Practice This Summer

To some, intentionally participating in an activity that involves both high heat (105 degrees) and humidity (40 percent ) in the midst of summer may seem silly, but for those in-the-know, you’re well aware of the multitude of benefits the Bikram Yoga practice lends to both the mind and body. Year-round continual practice is where you’ll reap the most benefits. A three month, or longer, break in any healthy behavior could cause adverse effects to your overall wellbeing and a lapse can lead to setbacks. 

See below a few of the many reasons why its both essential and beneficial to maintain your practice your this summer:

•    You’ll be better acclimated to the heat and humidity of the season. You’ll feel more comfortable and may not feel the need to turn the thermostat down as low, possibly even saving you money on the electric bill.

•    Your practice will improve over the summer because you’ll enter the room already warm allowing you to get into postures more easily and deeper.

•    Your hydration will improve because you’ll be consciously replenishing electrolytes and fluids regularly. You’ll be more in tuned with your body’s signals telling you want it needs. This includes a healthy diet. 

•    You’ll already be in great shape for summer activities and have a leg up on staying fit through the fall and start of the winter holidays.