Benefits of a Daily Practice


There’s no doubt Bikram Yoga can be challenging at times. Although, like anything else done with repetition, it becomes easier because your technique improves, you are focused on your breathing, and most likely without knowing it, you are taking better care of yourself. 

Regular, consecutive practice is encouraged and studios propose the 30-day challenge. Thirty consecutive days (or a double if you cannot make a day) of those 26 postures in a hot, humid room. It may seem daunting to try a challenge, but a daily practice provides an abundance of benefits.

Unlike other exercises, Bikram Yoga doesn’t tear the muscles and so there is no recovery time needed in between. What is essential is proper hydration, rest, and nutrition. One of the many benefits of a frequent practice is being more in tuned to your body giving it what it needs to be in optimal condition. 

While daily yoga may seem strenuous, the opposite may happen. The heat and humidity will feel more tolerable, both inside and outside of the studio, the body becomes more flexible, and the mind becomes calmer.

Often, it is more of a mental challenge then a physical one. Instead of a challenge think of it as a privilege, and when you try it, your mind and body will thank you. 

These are some of the benefits you’ll experience daily with a daily practice:

Improved digestion

A clear mind

Detoxification through daily sweat

Reduced stress

Significant increase in balance

90 straight minutes of uninterrupted you time–no phone calls, text messages, or emails to tend to

And that yoga glow!

With each passing hour, week, month, year we come to the studio, we are truly changing our lives in a good way.