Coffee alternative - yerba mate

Yerbe Mate tea

As we begin the second month of the new year and continue on a journey to a lifestyle of health and wellness, we may ask, is it time to turn in some of out vices for healthier alternatives? One being a daily coffee habit. While there have been proven studies about the benefits of coffee–everything from providing powerful antioxidants to helping prevent Parkinson’s disease, depression, and even boosting physical performance. It can also lead to dehydration, cause insomnia and restless sleep, and sometimes it's not the coffee itself, but the high-sugar and fat-laden additives. Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and are there better alternatives out there? 

Say hello to yerba mate! It’s a tea from South American dried leaves of an evergreen holly plant providing the same mental alertness, clarity, and focus of coffee without interfering with sleep, while providing similar physical performance boosts. There’s no caffeine crash and it’s nonaddictive–ever go a day without that morning cup(s) of coffee to experience a throbbing headache like no other? Back to those nutrient-dense attributes, it has a high concentration of the following vitamins and minerals: vitamin A; vitamin C; vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5; vitamin E; calcium; iron; potassium; selenium; zinc; among others.

What’s not to love about yerba mate? Well, maybe the taste, some say it’s an acquired taste, earthy and herbaceous. Brew it just like tea, in teabags, or loose, and if loose you can brew it in a French press. It's optional to add a little sweetener and cream to it, but be mindful to keep it healthy to enjoy the natural benefits of this powerhouse of a beverage.