The power of peppermint


As the temperatures rise and the hot sticky summer months just around the corner, there are proactive ways to beat the heat. Hydration is always key, but did you know you can add peppermint essential oil to the mix to help cool you down? There’s even more this power plant can do. Along with its cooling properties, there are other benefits of peppermint you may not have known about and different ways to use the oils, whether topically, by inhalation, and ingestion. See below for specific uses and benefits of this multipurpose essential oil:

Add a drop or two to water and reap these benefits :
    Freshens breath
    Aids in digestion
    Fights bloating and gas

When used in a diffuser or with a whiff from the bottle:
    Relieves headaches
    Unclogs sinuses
    Promotes mental alertness
    Has a calming effect on the body

When applied topically (mixed into a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, grape seed, etc):
    Soothes aching muscles
    Soothes itches when mixed with lavender essential oil
    Natural bug repellent
    Relieves sunburn
    Reduces fever 

There are dozens more useful benefits to peppermint. Essential oils are a wonderful to incorporate natural medicine into your lifestyle, and as always, with any essential oil use, consult your physician first.