Detox Through the Breath


In class we learned that we release toxins through our breath and researchers discovered, when we lose weight, the fat is expelled through exhalation. When fat is metabolized it converts into mostly carbon dioxide, which is the product of outgoing breathe. While a healthy diet is important, the instructor said it’s not what we put into our body, rather what we take out. 

There are two breathing exercises in the Bikram practice, pranayama to bring oxygen into the body to prepare for class, and cleans Kapalabhati, or blowing in firm, at the end of class to release toxins from the mind and body, cleanse the lungs and respiratory system, improve digestion, and energize. 

Breathing not only detoxifies the body, it also detoxifies the mind. During some yoga poses, you may be asked, “Are you breathing?” Oftentimes, we hold our breathe without even realizing it both inside the studio and outside in everyday stressful situations. When this happens, stop and ask yourself if you’re breathing. Pay attention to the breath and get control of it with mindful inhales and exhales. Instantaneously, whatever stress that was present gently subsides and a sense of clarity and calmness occurs. 

If you can control your breath, you can have control in any situation. Use your breath as a tool for a healthier mind and body