Private Lessons Available for Individuals, Groups, and Sports Teams

Bikram Yoga Private Lesson

Private lessons for individuals, groups, and athletes offer a world of benefits for those new to the practice, experienced yogis looking to take their practice to the next level, as a way to work through and past an injury, as a group activity, and for athletes to enhance their training. 


If you’re new to yoga and prefer to learn the practice in an individual setting rather than in a class right away, you can take advantage of this offering. Learn the postures the right way from the start. In this setting, you can stop to ask questions and have a custom session unique to your individual needs.

Experienced yogis can benefit from private lessons when they have hit a plateau and want to advance in their practice. A small tweak can make a huge difference in the way a posture feels and benefits you. You can come alone or have a private lesson with a friend or significant other. 

For those with injuries, private lessons can help get you back on your path to being recovered and help the healing process go more smoothly. There’s no reason to skip out on practicing, you can learn modified poses to work around and through your injury. 


Do something different as a girls get together or with a bridal party, as a team building exercise with your peers, or with a group you may belong to who is wishing to change up their routine. Bikram yoga group lessons are a fun and unique way to spend time with the people you choose and have a class tailored just for you.  

Sports Teams

Bikram Yoga is beneficial to an an array of athletes. Not only does it strengthen the spine, muscles, and increase balance and flexibility, these 26 postures are formulated to regenerate tissue, cure chronic ailments, and heal and prevent injuries. 

It’s no wonder the Bikram Yoga practice has become increasingly popular with professional athletes including San Francisco 49ers Tony Parrish; NBA great Kareem Abdul Jabaar; Kobe Bryant; Wimbleton winner Andy Murray; and many more–for its injury-healing and preventative properties and also to prepare the body to perform better at sports.

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