The Name Behind Eagle Pose and It’s Benefits 

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Eagle Pose or Garudasana was named after Garuda. In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a bird creature, half eagle and half human. He is known as “King of the Birds.” He represents birth and heaven and is associated with sun and fire.

During this posture, along with strength, flexibility, and balance you also sharpen the third eye chakra from the concentration of focusing on one point in the mirror to help hold the pose. The name Eagle relates to the keen and observant eye of an eagle who can see 4-8 times stronger than the average human. This pose helps to enhance intuition and clarity. 

In this posture, first you swing your right arm under left, crossing at the elbows and wrists. Palms face each other and fingers are below the nose. Pull the elbows down, this helps to open up the shoulders.

Then, sit down low and twist your legs by lifting the right leg high across the left wrapping the foot behind the lower calf so all five toes are visible in the front mirror..

In the second set, you switch sides, the left arm swings under the right, and the left leg wraps over the right. 

There are numerous benefits and some include:

  1. Improves balance
  2. Strengthens legs, trapezius, and deltoids
  3. Reduces varicose veins
  4. Awakens the 14 major joints in the skeletal system:
    1. Ankles
    2. Shoulder blades
    3. Shoulders
    4. Wrists
    5. Elbows
    6. Hips
    7. Knees